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When is the Best Time to Replace Your Roof in North Carolina?

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Most every homeowner knows that in all likelihood, at some point, they’ll have to replace the roof on their home.  

So if we all have to do it, when is the best time to do it? What season provides you the best opportunity to get on the schedule? What season has the most weather to deal with? 

In this article, we’ll break down how the different seasons affect getting a roof replacement, and talk about which season might be the best for you to get your roof replaced in. 

How Do the Seasons Affect a Roof Replacement?

As you might expect, weather plays a massive role in when, and how quickly, a roof replacement project can be completed. Here in Raleigh, we get all kinds of different weather depending on the season, and that weather can cause roofing projects to be rescheduled and delayed.  

Even on a day with no precipitation, the temperature can also affect the quality of a roofing job, as cold weather can make shingles more brittle, and hot weather might cause the shingles to be damaged and scarred if they are scuffed during the installation.  

Keep reading to learn about how each season might affect a roof replacement, and the pros and cons of getting a replacement during that time. 


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Spring is a very popular time for homeowners to get started on their roof replacement projects, as the cold winter weather and storms can cause or expose a lot of damage to our roofs. The spring temperatures in Raleigh are usually mild, which bodes well for roof replacements. 

The main thing to be aware of when scheduling a roof replacement in the spring is that there can be stretches where rainy weather prevails for a couple of days, before returning to sunny weather. “April showers bring May flowers” is definitely a cliché saying, but it’s an accurate one. You’ll want to keep an eye on the forecast as your replacement approaches, just in case it needs to be pushed back a day or two in case of unfortunate weather.  


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The summer is typically the busiest time for most roofing contractors, as the weather tends to be sunnier, and generally less difficult to roof in. Though there are occasionally intense rainstorms in the evening, if they occur, roofers can usually prepare for this situation by tarping over any unfinished parts of the roof. 

The other issues that may arise in the summer include the risk of intense heat, which is not only dangerous for the contractors on the roof, but also the roof itself. Because of its asphalt construction, the roof’s shingles can get 15-20 degrees hotter than the temperature in the air. When the roof gets that hot, construction has to stop to prevent injury to those working on it, at least until things cool down.  

Alongside this, that heat makes the shingles even more impressionable, allowing them to be scarred and damaged if they are scuffed or stepped on the wrong way during installation. 


Fall Foliage_WebP

If you’re looking for a time of year that won’t give you too much trouble for a reroofing project, the fall is the place to be. In North Carolina, the weather is still warm enough to work for most of the day, but usually not cold enough to affect the quality of the roofing materials. 

Early in the fall can still be fairly busy for contractors at this time, but as you progress through the season, you’ll be coming in behind the summer roof replacement rush, so you hopefully won’t have to wait too long. Getting a roof replaced in the fall also means that you’ll be able to face whatever winter has in store for you with confidence under a shiny new roof. 


winter in raleigh

Winter is probably the least busy time for most roofing contractors in North Carolina, and for good reason. The cold weather may cause your shingles to harden, and become more difficult to cut, and make them more easily breakable.  

Additionally, most asphalt shingles are designed with tar on their underside, that melts in heat, providing some additional sealant between the shingles. Because of this, particularly cold days in the winter may prevent some roofing work from being completed, to avoid damaging the shingles during installation. 

That being said, there are stretches of early winter in December where the temperature likely won’t reach that point, and roofing contractors will still have those open schedules. So if you can land your replacement in one of those windows, you’re probably in pretty good shape!  

Which Season is the Best to have a Roof Replaced?

All things considered, the best time to schedule a roof replacement in Raleigh is likely going to be late summer to mid fall. As the blazing summer heat starts to wane, there are a couple of months where there is still plenty of daylight to help fit projects in, and the fall here isn’t typically known for inclement weather, so there won’t be too much causing project delays. 

However, you’ll want to try to get on the schedule well in advance, because this time of year can get very busy for roofing contractors. The lack of weather and temperature related delays should help you out, but getting on the schedule early enough is the best way to make sure you get your replacement done when it’s supposed to be. 

Want to get on our Roofing Schedule?

If you’re thinking about the best time to schedule your replacement, get in touch with a roofer to see about getting on their schedule when the time works for you! 

If you want to learn more about On Tops, or schedule your roof replacement with us, reach out using the Contact Us button below! We’ve been replacing and repairing roofs in the Raleigh area for over 30 years! With over 15,000 roofs worked on, we’ll be able to take care of whatever your roofing project requires! 

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