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What are the Different Levels of GAF Certification?

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If you’ve started talking with roofing companies, you’re probably looking for ways you can differentiate between them, and figure out which company will be the best fit for you to work with.

One easy way to tell the quality of a contractor’s work is by looking at the different certifications and achievements they have racked up over the years. Companies like GAF and CertainTeed offer programs that allow contractors to prove themselves, and as a reward, the contractors can proudly display a badge that shows their certification. This allows for homeowners like you to identify which roofing contractors have achieved a certain level of roofing excellence.

That being said, if you don’t know what those certifications mean, all it means to you is that the company has a shiny logo on their website.

In this article, we’ll break down the different levels of certification that GAF offers. While CertainTeed has its own ShingleMaster credentials, we’ll cover that in a separate article.

After reading this article, you’ll know about GAF, the different levels of certification that it offers, and what it means for a roofing company to hold each level of certification.

First, Who/What is GAF?

GAF is North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, and has been producing asphalt shingles since 1912, and developed the interlocking shingles that we use today in 1933.

As one of the biggest and most well-respected names in the industry, GAF offers a certification program for all contractors that use their product. These certifications allow for consumers to know what kind of business they are dealing with when they see the badges on a company’s website.

What are the GAF Certifications?

GAF Authorized

GAF Authorized Badge

First on the list is the Authorized certification. The lowest tier in GAF’s certification program, seeing an authorized badge simply means that a contractor has been reviewed by GAF, and has been approved to carry every product that GAF offers.

This also allows the contractor to offer GAF’s System Plus Limited Warranty, providing a 50-year coverage on all material defects.


GAF Certified Badge

The next step up the ladder for a contractor is to hold a GAF Certified badge. To be Certified, a company must: be licensed in its state (if its state requires a license), maintain a BBB rating that is satisfactory to and verified by GAF, and commit to continual training and teaching of their crews, so that they are always up-to-date on the latest methods and products.

GAF MAster Elite

GAF Master Elite Badge

Contractors who live in the highest tier of the certification program hold GAF’s Master Elite status. This beautiful blue and gold badge means that a contractor has all of the requirements to be Certified, and additionally carries an adequate insurance policy, protecting customers from financial liability in the case of any injuries or property damage during the process of a job.

A contractor’s main benefit of holding this certification is that it allows them to offer GAF’s Golden Pledge Limited Warranty. This provides the 50-year defect coverage of the System Plus, while adding a 25-year workmanship coverage. That means that GAF will cover any issues caused by product defects, or installation errors for 25 years after the roof was installed, even if the contractor who installed it is no longer in business. 

The warranty also allows for a customer to request a 40-point problem prevention inspection, conducted by GAF, to ensure that their roofing system was installed correctly, and that they won’t need to be called on again to fix any contractor mistakes down the road.

BONUS: GAF President's Club

GAF Presidents Club Badge

Though not necessarily a part of its standard certification program, GAF offers its “President’s Club” award to any Master Elite Contractors that sell and register a certain number of Golden Pledge Limited Warranties in a calendar year.

What's Next?

Now that you know what the different GAF Certifications are, and what they mean, I hope you feel like you have a better understanding of how some roofing contractors have been able to set themselves apart through GAF’s certifications program.

Here at On Tops Roofing, we hold GAF’s Master Elite status, and are proud of it. If you have any questions about your roof, check out our learning center, or, reach out to us today!

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