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Benefits of a Project Manager for Your Roof Replacement

Benefits of a Project Manager for Your Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is a substantial undertaking, and the key to a successful project often lies in the hands of the project manager. This individual plays a pivotal role in overseeing every aspect of the replacement, from the initial planning stages to the final completion. Their responsibilities encompass ensuring that the project adheres to the schedule and budget, among other crucial tasks.

For over three decades, On Tops Roofing has been serving homeowners in Raleigh and the surrounding areas with top-quality roofing services. Our commitment to delivering a seamless roofing experience led us to assign project managers to all our replacement projects. We understand the importance of providing homeowners with peace of mind, knowing their roofing projects are well-organized and managed effectively.

To help you understand the value of having a project manager on-site for your replacement, we've compiled a list of the top four benefits that come with their presence throughout the project. These benefits contribute to the smooth execution and successful completion of your roofing project.

Safety First

Safety is of paramount importance during a roofing project, and it falls squarely under the purview of the project manager. Roofing is an industry with a higher rate of injuries compared to many others, and the risks escalate in the absence of proper safety measures. The project manager assumes the crucial responsibility of ensuring their team complies with all safety requirements established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) specifically for roofing projects. At On Tops Roofing, our team reinforces these safety measures through daily safety briefings. Here are some key safety requirements we adhere to:

  • Identifying fall hazards such as narrow walkways, tarped areas, and potential fall zones like pool decks.
  • Implementing procedures to minimize these fall hazards.
  • Ensuring the ground crew wears safety glasses and helmets.
  • Outfitting the installation crew with harnesses and ropes to reduce the risk of falling.
  • Properly extending ladders used for roof access, ensuring they extend three rungs or at least three feet above the roofline.people working safely_WebP-1

Moreover, the project manager takes great care to equip their team with appropriate apparel and gear tailored to the task at hand. This includes items like soft-soled shoes, safety uniforms, roofing jacks, and full-body harnesses, all of which contribute to a safer work environment for the roofing professionals.

Project Planning

A critical aspect of any roofing project is meticulous project planning, and this is precisely where the project manager shines. Their role involves estimating the time required to complete your roof replacement and strategically assigning tasks to teams with varying skill sets, including carpentry, shingle installation, and clean-up crews.bulding materials_WebP-1

Moreover, the project manager is responsible for precisely calculating the materials needed for the project. They orchestrate the planning and scheduling of material deliveries, ensuring that essential components like structural timber, shingles, guttering, and fascia boards are readily available when each phase of the project demands them. Additionally, they are in charge of planning and procuring any other necessary equipment to facilitate the seamless execution of the roofing project. This meticulous planning and organization help ensure that the project remains on schedule and within budget, providing homeowners with a smooth and efficient roof replacement experience.

Assembling the Team

Assembling a proficient and reliable team of roofers is a crucial component of any successful roof replacement project, and this is precisely within the realm of responsibility for the project manager. While some roofing companies rely on subcontractors who work only for the duration of a specific project, On Tops Roofing takes a different approach. We maintain a consistent and dedicated crew that works on every project, ensuring homeowners never have to question who's working on their roof.people working on the roof_WebP-1

Once this skilled team is in place, they can commence work on your roof replacement project. The project manager assumes the pivotal role of being on-site to provide clear instructions regarding the order of tasks and to keep everyone on schedule. Throughout the project, the project manager meticulously inspects the quality of work to ensure it consistently meets the highest standards. Additionally, they stand ready to offer guidance and assistance to their team should any unexpected challenges arise during the course of your project. This unwavering support and oversight from the project manager help guarantee a successful and stress-free roof replacement experience for homeowners.

Property Protection

A roof replacement project culminates with the essential step of clean-up, and this phase cannot be underestimated. It's quite common for the vicinity around your home to become somewhat messy during the process, as various materials such as flashing, felt, shingles, and nails, along with other roofing debris, may dislodge from the roof. To ensure your property remains safe and pristine throughout the replacement, it's imperative to collaborate with a diligent project manager who will oversee comprehensive clean-up procedures at every stage:

Before Installation: Your project manager will guide you on safeguarding your property before the roofing work commences. While certain tasks like moving your vehicle and taking down wall decor are at your discretion, the project manager will ensure you are well-prepared. As roofing materials are replaced, debris may fall onto your patio and deck. Your project manager will advise you on protecting vulnerable items such as patio furniture, potted plants, and grills by covering them with tarps or plywood before the project begins. They will also recommend covering your landscaping with tarps and plywood to guard against dust and debris accumulation. Furthermore, you should remove any hanging or potted plants that might be susceptible to falling debris.tarps photo_WebP-2

After Installation: Following the completion of the roofing work, the project manager will direct their team to employ a potent backpack blower to eliminate debris or any leftover granules that might have dislodged from the shingles during the replacement. They will also ensure that your gutters and window seals are either meticulously cleaned by hand or with a leaf blower to eliminate loose debris and nails.

Post-Inspection: The ultimate phase of a roof replacement involves a post-inspection conducted by the project manager. During this inspection, they meticulously assess your yard and landscaping to pinpoint any debris that may have been inadvertently overlooked during the initial clean-up process. To guarantee your yard is entirely free of stray nails, the project manager deploys two distinct magnets: a compact handheld magnet designed for shrubbery and flower beds, and a larger magnet on wheels that thoroughly scans your yard. This rigorous clean-up process is integral to delivering a finished roof replacement project that leaves your property immaculate and secure.

So, What's Next?

Every successful, high-quality roofing project requires the leadership of an organized project manager. Now that you know this, you may be wondering how to secure the best project manager for your roof replacement.

Here’s the short answer–work with a certified roofing company! Certified roofing contractors have gone through years of training, numerous installs and repairs, and upheld a consistent record of proper material installation. If the company you hire for your replacement is certified, then so is their project manager.

On Tops Roofing has been helping Raleigh-area homeowners with their roofing needs since 1991! Whatever your roof requires, We’re on it!

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