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5 Most Common Roof Repairs in Raleigh, North Carolina

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As with most everything to do with home ownership, roofs will eventually need to be repaired, or replaced. 

Both of these projects can be expensive, but unfortunately, if you let it go too long, the damage that will occur will cost you far more than the initial repair, or roof replacement. 

We all know that eventually, if you own a home, these things will happen, despite our best efforts to prevent them. While we don’t know exactly what problems we will face, it’s still helpful to know what some common problems are, and how to go about fixing them when they come up. 

In this blog, that’s exactly what we’ll do by going over some of the most common roof repairs we perform in our area of North Carolina. 

What are the Most Common Roof Repairs in NC?

Shingle Replacements 

Roof damaged, missing shingles

Among the most common roof repairs, shingle replacements should be one of the first ones talked about. They may be necessary for a variety of reasons, whether it be strong winds, hail damage, or wear from the sun, certain patches of your roof’s shingles may need to be replaced or patched up before the rest of your roof requires it. 

Strong winds may tear up poorly installed shingles, cold weather can cause shingles to become brittle and crack when struck by hail, and sun exposure over time might make the shingles stiffen up and more vulnerable to damage. 

For these repairs, your roofing contractor will remove the shingles in question, check the roof decking beneath the area to make sure that it won’t need to be replaced as a result of any leaks, and install new shingles that match those currently on your roof. Depending on how many shingles are damaged or worn out, your contractor may suggest that you opt for a full roof replacement, as it may be more cost effective than additional future repairs in the long term. 

Pipe Boot Replacements 

Dry Rotted Pipe Boot

One of the things that we might see most frequently needing to be done, is a pipe boot replacement. Pipe boots are the material that covers the gap between a ventilation pipe and the roof, waterproofing the hole that the pipe goes through, and preventing leaks.  

It’s a pretty important piece of your roof, as if the hole isn’t covered properly, it acts as an open invitation inside for any rain coming your way. 

So why do they tend to go bad? Often used is the cheapest option, which is a synthetic rubber pipe boot, that is prone to drying out in the sun, and cracking over time. These types of pipe boots are some of the most frequent causes of roof leaks that we see in the Raleigh area. 

Gutter Repairs

Another common repair contractors have to make, especially here in North Carolina, is repairing or replacing the gutters on a home. If you have lots of trees on your property or near your house, that will greatly increase the chances that your gutters will need to be replaced at some point. 

Falling leaves can clog your gutters, and if they aren’t cleaned out frequently, they will begin to hold way too much water, which may pool up on the edge of your roof, or pull down on it. Branches and other falling debris can also hit your gutters and cause damage, so the best way to avoid needing gutter repairs is to keep them unclogged by cleaning, installing gutter guards and making sure that you don’t have trees too close to your home.

Flashing Repairs 


Flashing, similar to pipe boots, plays an important role in sealing up the vulnerable areas of your roof, especially around penetrations like a chimney or dormer.  

It is usually made of metal, and is molded to fit the space it needs to cover up. Flashing is usually somewhat exposed so if it is struck by hail or other elements, it may tear or rust and develop holes that allow water into the area it is designed to protect. 

Because of its importance in covering leak-sensitive areas, if your flashing is damaged, you’ll likely want to replace it fairly quickly. Often when leaks are flashing related, they are a result of poor installation, which only gets worse over time.

Ventilation Issues

If your attic isn’t properly ventilated, your roof can suffer from all kinds of problems, from premature aging, to rotted roof decking, to increased energy bills.  

We often see attics that simply aren’t ventilated enough, and are not getting enough air movement, creating much more of a problem for the homeowner through humid attics and water damage. 

Before you fix the problem by adding a bunch of new vents, you need to figure out how much ventilation is the right amount for your space, and insuring you have the intake vents to match the output, as having too many vents can create problems as well. It’s just as important to have a balanced ventilation system as it is to have one at all. 

Do You Need One of These Repairs?

If you’re experienced any of the problems above, it’s a good idea to not let them sit around for long. As we mentioned earlier, if a storm comes by your area, the wind and rain can cause all kinds of damage to your roof, and attic, if there’s already a weak spot. 

To avoid this, get your roof inspected by a professional, and find out for sure what problem you are facing. From there, you’ll be able to know what your next steps should be. 

On Tops Roofing has been inspecting, repairing, and replacing roofs in the Raleigh area for over 30 years, so whatever your project requires, we’re happy to help! Just click the “Contact Us” button below, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch soon! 

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