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5 Tips to Get Ready for Your Roof Replacement

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When it comes time for a roof replacement, most homeowners want the process to be as quick and easy as possible. Don’t worry, so do your roofers.

An easy roof replacement? Is that even possible? With over 12 years of roofing experience, I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible; all you need to do is make sure you’re prepared.

For every roof replacement I’ve done, I always tell my homeowners what they can do to get ready for a successful roof replacement. Now, I want to share that information with you.

If you want your replacement to go off without a hitch, here are five tips you can use to prepare before your contractors even step foot on your roof. Let’s get started.

1. Move Your Vehicles

Your driveway will act as the staging area for the tools, dumpster, and materials your roofers will use during your replacement. If it’s a one-day install, the dumpster will stay overnight and be pulled the next morning prior to inspection. Because of this, it’s best to move your vehicles away from your garage and driveway before your replacement begins to make things easier for both you and the installation team. 


If you keep your car on the street or at a neighbor’s house, it’ll be far enough away from the project work zone to avoid accidental scratches or damages. It’ll also make it easier for your roofers to offload and load shingles and debris from their trucks quickly.

2. Turn Off Your Sprinklers

Your roofers will be walking through your yard while working on the replacement. If you have a sprinkler system, you should turn it off at least two days before to help them avoid leaving muddy footprints or accidentally damaging your lawn.

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Turning off the sprinklers will also make it easier for your roofers to clean up debris after the replacement. After the project is finished, the cleanup team will sweep your yard with magnets to remove loose nails. If your yard is wet, nails could easily get concealed in the mushy dirt. 

To protect your property and make clean-up as quick and easy as possible, it’s best to have a dry lawn. Read this article to learn more ways you can protect your home during your roof replacement.

3. Find the Closest Power Outlets

Don’t be surprised if your roofer asks for access to electrical outlets. They’ll need a power source for hand tools, air compressors, and woodcutting if they need to replace rotten decking. 

Roof decking is just one part of a quality roofing system. Learn more about the other elements included in your roof replacement by reading this article.

While the most practical option would be to use an exterior outlet, a garage outlet will work just fine if your home doesn’t have any. If you don’t have either, an extension cord may have to be run through one of your windows or doors. However, make sure to choose an outlet in an area with the least amount of foot traffic to avoid tripping over the cord.

4. Think About Your Pets

Hammering, banging, drilling, stomping: these are the types of noises you can expect to hear during your roof replacement. If your pet is scared of storms or fireworks, they will most likely have the same reaction to the ruckus coming from your replacement.

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Because of this, we highly recommend taking your pets away from the house during repairs. Consider asking a friend to pet-sit or dropping your furry friend off at the kennel for a couple of days. For their sake and yours, you’ll be happy you did.

5. Remove Wall Decor

You’ll probably notice some vibrations caused by hammering, hand-nailing, and other power tools used during your replacement. Homes generally react to these vibrations and shake accordingly, which means that anything hanging on the walls could fall. 

Any paintings, pictures, or wall decorations that look as if they’re one tremor away from falling should be removed before your roof replacement starts. Even if you think your items are secure, take down anything that is valuable, important, or irreplaceable, just to be safe.

Ready for Your Roof Replacement?

By following these tips, you’ll be able to prepare for a roof replacement that’s easy as pie. Of course, if you have any more questions about preparing for a successful replacement, you can always ask your contractor!

Your contractor isn’t just there to replace your roof and leave. They should be there to answer any questions you have about your project and help you make the best choices for your roof. Read this article to learn five questions you can ask your contractor to make sure they’re the best fit for your replacement.

If you live in Raleigh and need a roof replacement, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below for an inspection, a free estimate, or even to ask us more questions about preparing for your replacement. With over 1,000 roofs worked on each year, we know how to provide the high-quality roofing service that homeowners, like you, are looking for.

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