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How to Prepare For a Roof Replacement

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To stay or not to stay, that is the question. 

While your inner philosophical debate may not be as intense as Hamlet’s, your roof replacement will come with lots of questions: How long will it take? Will it be super noisy? And, for the sake of this article, can you stay home during your replacement?

The simple answer is yes, you can stay home during your roof replacement. Most roofers understand you have a life, and it doesn’t stop when your house needs repairs.

However, if you are going to stay home, you need to prepare ahead of time to ensure a safe replacement. 

Now you may be thinking, “Chris, that sounds great and all, but how do I do that?” With over 12 years of experience, I have helped numerous homeowners get ready for a successful roof replacement and I can help you.

Here are seven tips to help you prepare your home for a roof replacement that’ll make your stay as simple and safe as possible. Let’s get started.


7 Ways to Get Ready for Your Roof Replacement

Roof replacements can be noisy, messy, and potentially dangerous. With the arrival of roofers, your home becomes a work zone, which can cause stress if you aren’t adequately prepared.


1. Secure Wall Decorations

You’ll experience vibrations from hammering, hand-nailing, and other power tools. The walls in your home will react to the pounding your roofers are doing during the replacement, and anything you have hanging on the walls can slip off hooks and fall.  

Any paintings, pictures, or wall decorations that look as if they’re one tremor away from falling should be removed.


2. Move Your Vehicles

Sorry, mom and dad - giving your roofing contractor your prime parking space is a must.

Your driveway will act as the staging area for the tools, dumpster, and materials needed for the replacement.Black dumpster in the driveway of a home getting a roof replacement

Moving your vehicle to the street or in a neighbor’s driveway will keep your car accessible for running errands and avoid accidental scratches or damages.


3. Consider Your Kids and Pets

One of the biggest reasons people don’t like to stay home during roof replacements is the noise. Hammering, banging, drilling, stomping: these noises can be off-putting at best, but with children and pets, they can be simply unbearable.

You can warn your kids ahead of time, but younger children might not understand what’s going on and get scared by the loud noises. Skittish pets may not be able to handle the commotion either.

Consider keeping your children and pets outside of the house during repairs. Take the kids to the park or grandma’s house! Ask a friend to pet-sit! For their sake and yours, you’ll be happy you did.


4. Clear the Patio & Deck

A shed or garage is the best place to store outdoor items like grills, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, and potted plants during the replacement.

shingle debris on a tarp in the back yard

If you don’t have on-site storage you may want to move these items to the farthest corner of the yard. If you can’t move your setup, you can protect at-risk items by covering them with tarps and/or plywood before your roof replacement starts.


5. Protect Your Attic

Things will likely get a little bit messy during your roof replacement. If your attic isn’t protected, whatever you have stored up there could end up covered in dust, debris, and wood splinters. 

You can protect personal items by covering them with old sheets or drop cloths. After the project is finished, you can easily roll the debris-covered covering up and take it out as part of the cleanup process.


6. Remove Antennas & Satellite Dishes

If you have any antennas or satellite dishes located on or near your roof, you’ll want to arrange to have them removed. This will probably be an inconvenience; however, it’s necessary for a successful roof replacement.8b9d8c711f474d2f20220502-75382-7j9lpu_WebP_WebP

Please don’t try to remove a satellite dish on your own. Our practice is to remove prior to installing the new shingles and then reattach the dish. You will need to arrange a service call with the cable or satellite provider to ensure proper realignment.  This is not every company's policy, so make sure to discuss this with your contractor ahead of time.


7. Identify Accessible Power Outlets

The installation crew will need access to electrical outlets. If your home doesn’t have any exterior outlets, using a garage outlet is the second-best choice.

If you don’t have an available outlet, an extension cord may have to be run through a window or door. They can pose a tripping hazard, so choose an outlet in an area with the least amount of foot traffic.


Wondering How Long Your Replacement Will Take?

Whether or not you stay home during your replacement is up to you. Plenty of people leave their homes during repairs simply because the noise is too much, and that’s okay. If you do decide to leave, we’ll take pictures of your roof throughout all stages of replacement so you can follow along. 

Want to do more research before moving forward with your roof replacement? For example, how long does a replacement take? What happens if it takes longer than expected? Read this article to learn more about what the roof replacement timeline could look like for your home.

If you live in the Raleigh area and are in need of a roof replacement, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below. With over 30 years of roofing experience, we’d be happy to get you a free estimate, walk you through the replacement process, and answer any questions you have about staying home during your roof replacement.

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