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Scheduling a Project With On Tops Roofing: What to Consider

Scheduling a Project With On Tops Roofing: What to Consider

Though a good roof should last for decades, you’ll likely have to schedule a roof repair or replacement at some point during your time as a homeowner. While we like to make our scheduling process as simple as possible, there are some things you’ll need to consider before planning your roofing project.

Figuring out the best time to schedule a roofing project requires factors like material accessibility, weather conditions, and contractor availability. We broke down the best time to schedule a roofing project, several things to consider before you schedule, and our project scheduling process so you can feel confident planning your repair or replacement with us.

When is the Best Time to Schedule a Roofing Project?

Due to their colder climates, the roofing season in northern states usually starts in April and ends in October. However, we have a longer roofing season in North Carolina because of our warmer weather.

The overall busiest time for roofing contractors across the US is August – October. This is because there is a push to complete projects before the winter season when the cold, wet weather makes it difficult to roof homes.

You can schedule work with us all year long but to avoid potential project delays, we suggest scheduling before it starts getting too chilly outside. Here is the general scheduling timeline we follow here at On Tops:

  • For full roof replacements - Once your proposal has been accepted, you can expect your project to be scheduled and completed within 1-3 weeks depending on the size of your roof.
  • For repair issues - You can expect us to be at your home within 2-3 business days.

Determining Factors for Scheduling a Roofing Project

  1. Weather - Weather is one of the most critical factors that affect the scheduling of a roofing project. If you have roofing material that is more temperature-sensitive, then you may be limited by the time of year. Extreme weather like hurricanes, hail storms or dangerous heat can also delay your project.
  2. Material Availability - Once the contract has been signed, your contractor will order the necessary material and supplies for your project. If you require special materials or if your contractor doesn’t have materials on hand, then you may have to wait for them to arrive.
  3. Contractor Availability - If your contractor has a backlog of customers (as most do when it comes to the busy season I mentioned earlier) it may take up to a week for them to evaluate your roof. This is why it’s important to contact your contractor before you have an emergency.
  4. Level of Urgency - When we evaluate your roof, our contractors will determine how urgent your roofing project is. If you have leaks and significant issues, your roof may be prioritized a bit higher on our schedule.

Our Project Scheduling Process

Once you contact us, the scheduling process can go by very quickly. Here are some steps we’ll take to get your roofing project on our schedule:

  1. First Step - Give us a call! We’ll handle most of the scheduling process after that.
  2. Roof Assessment - One of the first things we’ll do to determine the right roofing solution for you is perform a roof assessment. We’ll typically send one of our project managers to go look at your roof, find the issues, and take pictures.
  3. Create and Deliver A Proposal - After the assessment, we’ll gather the information, write up a proposal estimate, and send it over to you. The proposal will outline what is needed to solve your roofing issues, a full scope of work, timeline, and quote.
  4. Customer Meeting - This is a crucial meeting that can help us determine what you want to see in your roof quote. If you’re in need of a full roof replacement, we like to explain the proposal face-to-face. Otherwise, we can discuss your options over a phone call.
  5. Signed Contract - During this time, there may be revisions to the proposal based on your budget or preferences. When the signed document is received, we’ll move forward with getting your project on our schedule.

Ready to Schedule With On Tops?

Now that you know the process of scheduling a project with On Tops Roofing, we hope youfeel more confident in our ability to get your roof repair or replacement done in a timely manner. 

Remember, the best time to contact your contractor is as soon as you think your roof needs help. The sooner you reach out, the faster we can get your problem fixed and give you peace of mind by ensuring you have a safe roof over your head.

If you live in Raleigh or the surrounding areas and need help with your roof, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below. With over 30 years of roofing experience, we’d be happy to get you a free estimate, help you decide whether you need a repair or replacement, and answer any questions you may have about our roofing process.

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