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How to Have a Reindeer Ready Roof This Christmas

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If you’ve ever been up on your roof, you know that sometimes it can be pretty difficult to walk around on, especially without some kind of safety equipment.

So when Santa Claus embarks for his annual flight around the globe on Christmas Eve night, making sure he stays safe on the roofs he walks on has to be at the very front of his mind.

And not to mention what kind of damage could occur if your roof is already in bad shape. Have you seen how big those reindeer are? And that sled, too?

Adult Reindeer usually weigh between 350 and 400 pounds. Then you have to account for Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and maybe even Rudolph if it’s a foggy enough night. That’s a lot of hooves clacking on your roof, and if it’s not in great shape, they could knock a couple off.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss Reindeer Roof Readiness:

Now let’s hop in our holiday jammies, throw on some Christmas jazz, and get started!

Check Your Chimney Flashing

a chimney with good flashing_WebPOne of the first steps you can take to make sure your roof is Santa-safe, is to check your flashing around your chimney, and in other areas of your roof.

If you don’t have a clue what flashing is, that’s okay! We’re going to define it for you, and help you know what you can be looking for on your roof.

Roof flashing is a thin, metal material that is placed partially under the shingles at sensitive areas of the roof to prevent water from entering and damaging your roof’s decking.

For the most part, flashing should be installed at areas where the roof meets a wall, in valleys, and at penetrations like vents, skylights, dormers, and chimneys.

In Santa’s case, the chimney flashing is definitely the most important, as its condition will show the condition of the decking around the chimney, and then also the chimney itself. If your roof decking is in great shape, then the decking underneath it won’t have any water damage. If it’s rusted and has holes in it, however, Mr. Claus may have more trouble walking up and climbing into the chimney.

The best things for you to look for on your flashing, is for any rust and degradation, or if the flashing has become loose around the penetration.

Make sure your shingles aren’t wearing down

missing and old shingles_WebP

Like we talked about a little bit earlier, the reindeer running along your roof may cause some damage to your shingles if they aren’t installed properly or are at an advanced age.

Your asphalt shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against all the winter weather that comes along this time of year, whether it’s rain, snow, hail, or wind. As such, they take a beating over the years, and with most asphalt shingle roofs lasting between 20 and 30 years, we tend not to think about their condition very often.

Extensive granule loss, as well as missing and/or damaged shingles could both mean that your roof has entered its senior years. If you notice a small area of missing shingles, you may want to call a roofing contractor out to inspect it, as depending on how the roof has worn in other areas, you may be able to get that patched, and extend your roof’s life for several years. If you are seeing widespread granule loss, however, that may be a better indicator that your roof needs a replacement.

Ensure your roof and gutters are debris free

lots of leaves_WebP

Last but certainly not least, you need to make sure your roof and gutters are clear of any debris, like leaves, tree branches, and pine needles.

These kinds of organic materials fall from trees around your property, and once they find their way onto your roof, they can clump, and trap water. That will wear down your shingles, and that water may find its way into your roof decking. Now if those things get into your gutters, look out! They can clog it up, causing water to back up onto your roof, and even spill out over the sides, muddying the ground below, and weakening your home’s foundation.

That’s even before mentioning the safety hazards that debris on your roof causes for those on top of it, especially Santa and the reindeer, who need to land and take off at high speeds. If they land on a patch of wet leaves, it could spell trouble for Old Saint Nick!

The best things that you can do to help out here, is to clean your gutters, and get all the leaves off your roof, if you’re able. That way, you provide a safe landing spot for the sleigh, and you can keep your roof in better shape for the long run!

Don't Forget to Leave Out Milk and Cookies

Of course, no visit from Santa Claus is complete without his milk and cookies! Make sure to set out a glass of milk, and some kind of cookie the night before!

Traditionally, Claus has preferred fresh baked chocolate chip, but we’ve heard that any cookie will do.

On Tops Roofing has been providing roof replacements and repairs to the Triangle area of North Carolina Since 1991. If you’ve noticed anything that you need to get done to make your roof “Reindeer Ready,” give us a call! Whatever your roofing project needs, we’ve got the experience to get it done right!

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