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4 Reasons You Should Not Get Multiple Quotes for a Storm-Damaged Roof

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Going through a rough storm can leave you worried about the state of your roof. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you can file a claim with your insurance company to cover any necessary repairs.

While the roof damage itself is stressful, going through the insurance claim process can be even more overwhelming. Even if you’ve been through the process before, you probably still have a ton of questions. 

Since 1991, the team at On Tops Roofing has helped homeowners in Raleigh and surrounding areas walk through the insurance claim process. One of the main questions we hear from homeowners is, “How many roofing quotes should I get for my insurance claim?”

The truth is, there’s really no reason to get more than three quotes when you have an insurance claim. Any more than that is unnecessary and will only waste your time.

We want you to be as informed about the insurance process as possible. So, by the end of this article, you’ll know four reasons why you should avoid getting multiple quotes for a storm-damaged roof.

1. Contractor Estimates Are Typically Lower than Insurance Estimates

Once your insurance claim is approved, getting quotes from multiple contractors becomes pointless. This is because your insurance company comes up with the price to replace your storm-damaged roof, not your roofing contractor.

Summary pricing is the predetermined market price of services covered by an insurance company. This pricing is updated monthly and includes the cost of labor and materials. Summary pricing will increase if there is high demand due to a recent storm in your area. In fact, the cost of roofing materials like shingles, decking, and nails can increase as much as 40% during storm season, while the cost of labor can increase as much as 20%.

Your insurance company will likely encourage you to get estimates from several contractors in hopes that their quotes will be lower than the summary pricing. Meanwhile, contractors will almost always give you a lower quote than the summary pricing—because that’s how they win business.

As a homeowner, your goal is to get as much compensation from your insurance company as possible. Choosing the contractor with the lowest quote isn’t going to help you do this.

2. Getting Multiple Estimates Makes You Vulnerable to Cheap Workmanship

Getting estimates from multiple contractors could expose you to untrustworthy roofers. An affordable estimate isn’t a bad thing! However, it’s important to remember that the contractor you hire is just as important as the products they use. While a roofer might say they install the same materials as their more expensive competitors, it doesn’t necessarily mean they provide the same quality of work. 

Here are just a couple of risks you’ll face if you hire a cheap roofing contractor:

  • They Might Reuse Old Flashing- Replacing metal flashing on your home's roof requires great skill. Not every roof is built the same. Some have unique roof-to-wall intersections and/or areas with sharp corners that are difficult to flash.

    Old and damaged flashing around a chimney
    A low-priced roofer won’t bring these tricky sections to your attention. Instead, they might reuse the flashing from your old roof. While this would save them from figuring out how to perfectly flash your new roof, you'd be left with old flashing that’ll most likely last just a few more years.
  • You’ll Pay More in the Long Run- With a project as expensive as a roof replacement, the last thing you want to do is shell out more money for extra repairs. That’s exactly what can happen when you hire a cheap roofing contractor, as the potential for early roof failure increases drastically.

    For example, cheap shingles won’t stand up against severe storms. Poorly installed decking won’t provide long-lasting support for the weight of materials placed on top of it. These problems might not show up right away, but you’ll end up spending more money to repair them in the future.

  • Your Roof’s Lifespan Will be Cut Short- If your contractor uses cheap materials, your roof’s lifespan will be cut short. Cheap materials aren’t designed to last like their higher-quality counterparts, so you could be due for a new roof much sooner than expected.

    However, the quality of the materials isn’t the only thing that determines the lifespan of your roof. You can invest in the best materials but still choose a cheap contractor to install them. By doing this, you risk the use of cut corners and incorrect roofing techniques. When this happens, even the highest-quality materials are likely to fail before the end of their lifespan.

3. Your Insurance Company May Not Cover Additional Damages Found During Repairs

If you get quotes from multiple roofers and your insurance company goes with the lowest priced one, that’s the amount of money you’ll get for repairs (minus your deductible)—period. But what if further damage is discovered when your contractor starts working on your roof?

Rotteed roof decking

Your insurance company may say that they agreed to your roofer’s estimate and are not responsible for anything the roofer failed to find when putting together the original cost. However, if you hire a contractor who agrees to work for the summary price, they can file a supplement for the cost of additional repairs and your insurance company will approve it.

4. It Prolongs the Replacement Process

When you get multiple estimates from different roofing companies, you have to set up appointments, meet with them, go through a sales presentation, go over the estimate, and deal with follow-ups all while making your decision. 

If you get too many estimates, it wastes time that could’ve been spent actually getting your roof replaced. A quick way to find a great roofing contractor is to ask for recommendations from people you trust. This will help you narrow down your research and get quotes from contractors who are actually worth your time.

After you find a roofing contractor you can trust, show them your insurance claim paperwork, and get your storm-damaged roof taken care of as quickly as possible.

Need Help With Your Storm-Damaged Roof?

Now that you know you should avoid getting too many quotes for your storm-damaged roof, you’re probably wondering how you can find a great roofing contractor in the most efficient way possible.

Well, we already mentioned one way: ask your friends, family, and other people you trust for local recommendations. This will allow you to ask questions about a roofer’s reputation and even verify the quality of their work in person. Read this article to learn more ways you can find a great local roofer

If you live in the Raleigh area and need help dealing with storm damage, consider us! On average, we work with over 900 homeowners a year who are looking for a high-quality roofing experience, just like you. If you want a free estimate or to learn more about how we handle insurance claims, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below. We’re happy to help.

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