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Top 5 Roofing Companies in Lillington, NC

Top 5 Roofing Companies in Lillington, NC

Starting a roofing project can be daunting, but one of the best initial steps you can take is to find a local, reputable contractor that will help walk you through the process. However, in some markets, like Lillington and other areas surrounding Raleigh, this in itself is a challenge.

How do you know If a company is really local? There are so many roofers around, how can you tell which are legit?

We get asked questions about our competing roofing companies in Lillington all the time. Here at On Tops, we are confident in ourselves and our service, so we don’t feel the need to hide other great roofing companies from our customers, if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out with us.

At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure you have a solid roof over your head, so we made this list to help homeowners in Lillington narrow down the many options available to them.

In this blog, we’re going over:


The 5 Best Roofing Companies in Lillington, NC

One last note before we jump in, none of the companies on this list are here because of personal experiences that we have working with them, or using their service. We’ve put them here because of their presence and reputation in the community, and online.

Also, they aren’t listed in any particular order on here, so take this as less of a definitive ranking, and more of an aggregation of the companies that work in an area, and have some track record of quality service.

With that being said, let’s jump into it!

Herring Residential & Commercial
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  • Headquarters: Lillington, NC
  • Areas Serviced: Raleigh, Lillington, Clayton, Wilmington, Hampstead 

Herring Residential & Commercial is based out of Lillington, with another location, Herring Coastal, in Hampstead. They provide roofing & gutter services to the Raleigh and Eastern NC areas. Herring offers the full range of Scotchgard products, and has a great gallery on their website that shows their projects, and the product that was used to roof each home. They have 40+ 5-star reviews on Google, many of which speak glowingly about their interactions with the staff Herring has put together. 

Carey Roofing & Construction

  • Headquarters: Angier, NC
  • Areas Serviced: Wake, Johnson & Harnett Counties 

Carey Roofing is a family-owned company in Angier, that serves Raleigh and the surrounding communities. They are a GAF Certified Contractor that performs roofing and siding services, and they pride themselves on providing the highest quality of workmanship possible. The company is community oriented, and sponsors and participates in multiple local events in the area. 

NKS Contracting
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  • Headquarters: Erwin, NC
  • Areas Serviced: Eastern & Coastal North Carolina 

Located in Erwin, with a new branch in Wilmington, NKS Contracting pretty much serves the entire eastern half of North Carolina. They provide roof replacements, repairs, and maintenance services, and offer asphalt shingle, metal, and flat roofing materials. They hold an A+ BBB accreditation, Owen’s Corning Preferred Contractor status, and have CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster certification, so they have been vetted and verified by their preferred shingle manufacturers. 

Melvin's Roofing

  • Founded: 2014 
  • Headquarters: Erwin, NC
  • Areas Serviced: Fuquay-Varina, Angier, Lillington, Dunn, Erwin, Fayetteville 

Melvin’s is a family-run company that prides itself on creating as smooth and fast of a roofing process as possible, to avoid hassling their customers. They offer roof repair, roof replacement, gutter installation, and roof inspection services in Lillington and the area between Raleigh, and Fayetteville. Melvin’s works with GAF, CertainTeed, and Owen’s Corning asphalt shingles, and also provides wood shake and metal roofing options. 

Roof Central

  • Headquarters: Smithfield, NC
  • Areas Serviced: The Triangle & Eastern NC 

With their motto of “Start at the Top,” Roof Central wants their customers to know that from ownership down through their company, they are dedicated to doing things the right way. They offer a wide range of roofing services, including residential and commercial roof repair, replacement, cleaning, metal roofing, gutter and solar panel installation. Roof Central serves Lillington as a part of their greater area serving the NC Research Triangle and the surrounding counties.

What is Roof Flashing

Now that you’ve got an idea of what companies you may be able to work with for your project, what will they be putting on your roof? One of the most important materials that they’ll be installing is roof flashing. If you don’t know what exactly that is, (it’s okay, I didn’t either until I started working for a roofing company), read the following excerpt of our blog about roof flashing!

Roof flashing is a thin metal material that lays under the shingles to prevent water from entering any openings or cracks on your roof. It is designed to redirect water away from vulnerable areas on your roof.

properly installed flashing_WebP-1Flashing must be installed in these specific areas:

     - Around chimneys

     - Sidewalls and front walls (the place where the roof surface meets a wall)

     - Valleys (low points where two roof slopes join)

     - Roof protrusions (bathroom vents, kitchen vents, and skylights)

     - Roof edges (eaves and rakes)


These areas are extremely vulnerable to water, which means you could experience a roof leak if they aren’t protected with flashing.

What is Roof Flashing Made of?old flashing_WebP

Roof flashing is typically made with either aluminum, copper, or steel, each with its own set of benefits.

Aluminum - Aluminum flashing is lightweight and easy to install. This is the most common type of metal used for roof flashing.

Copper - Copper flashing is malleable and easily bonds with other roofing materials. It is extremely durable and has a long lifespan. If you want to upgrade the look of your roof, copper is a great choice.

Steel - Steel flashing is galvanized to prevent corrosion and is super malleable, which makes it easy to work with. It gives your roof a clean look and fits most homeowners’ budgets.

Ready to hire a Local Lillington Roofing Company?

Now that you’ve read this list of the top roofing contractors in Lillington, I hope you feel a bit less overwhelmed at the thought of starting your roofing project. 

As we talked about at the beginning of this blog, we’re also a roofing company that does lots of work in the Lillington. In fact, we’ve got our training facility just up the road in Angier! We didn’t include ourselves on this list, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think we’re one of the best roofing options for Lillington homeowners.

We are very confident in the experience and work that we bring to the table, but we do understand that we aren’t going to be the best fit for everyone, so we want to ensure that those who decide not to work with us will at least be going with a roofing company that is high-quality, and won’t be taking advantage of them.

On Tops Roofing has provided roof replacement and repair services to Lillington since 1991. Whatever your roofing project needs, We’re on it!

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