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How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

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Getting a roof inspection is the place where every roofing project starts.

They can help you determine if you need a repair or replacement, what kind of damage your roof is facing, how old your roof is, and help catch problems you didn’t even know were there!

Inspections are something we stress a lot with homeowners who ask about the best things they can do to protect their roofs' long-term health. But how often should you be having your roof inspected by a professional?

In this blog, we’ll talk about why you should get your roof inspected, what inspectors will look for, how often you should have it inspected, and if you can inspect your roof yourself!

Let’s get started!

Why Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

Roof Repair Inspection

Roof inspections are very important in helping you determine how healthy your roof is, what may need to be fixed, and what you can do to help prolong its life.

That is chief among the reasons that a roof inspection could be necessary. If you recently bought a house and there hasn’t been an inspection done, or if you just aren’t entirely sure of your roof’s condition, an inspection is the best way to find out that information.

Similarly, you should get an inspection if you think you may have received some damage during a recent storm. Storms with wind, rain and hail can cause all kinds of damage, and it might not be apparent immediately. Leaks often take time to show up inside your house, even after they have already caused damage to your home.

A storm in a house

An inspection can help you find a leak before it forms, by checking several different area of your roofing system.

What is Checked During a Roof Inspection?

If you’ve hired a roofing company that is experienced at inspecting roofs, the technician should look for several things during their inspection of your roof, including your shingles, pipe boots, flashing, and gutters.


The inspector will look for missing or damaged shingles, shingles that are losing granules, exposed nails, and any algae stains or mold growth. They will also check around your roof’s penetrations, specifically your pipe boots, which cover the area around the pipes coming through your roof, and flashing, which defends your roof from leaks where it meets a wall. At these places, they’ll look for cracks in the boot or flashing, and see if any of it needs to be replaced.

cracked pipe boot

Another important part of your roof that will need to be checked, is your gutter system. The inspector will look to see if your gutters have sustained any damage or clogs, and ensure they are working properly. Gutters are a hugely important part of your roof, as their job is to channel water off your roof, and out to areas where it won’t do your home any harm.

How Often Should Your Roof Be Inspected?

Now, getting to the question you came here to have answered!

The true answer depends on the climate in the area you live. If you are in a pretty mild area, with very few storms, then you’ll likely not need it inspected as often, as your roof won’t need as many repairs or replacements. Conversely, if you live in an area with frequent strong storms, you’ll probably want to inspect it far more often.

The number of trees you have surrounding your home will also impact the frequency of inspection, as falling branches or other tree debris can do a lot of damage to your roof if it’s not caught shortly after the damage occurs.

tree falling on the edge of a shingled roof_WebP

In general, we’d recommend having your roof inspected at least once or twice a year, and after major storms that generate high winds and hail.

Can You Inspect Your Own Roof?

The thing you might now be wondering is if this process is something you need a professional for, or if you’d get on just fine doing it yourself.

If you’re fairly experienced with home repair and have learned some about the roofing process, you might be able to spot some of the more obvious shingle and flashing damage from the ground, or water damage to your roof decking in your attic, but you may have trouble seeing things like granule loss, pipe boot damage.

When your initial inspection turns up a leak, that's when you'll want to call out a professional to come diagnose the problem. Professional roofing contractors see damaged roofs every day, so they will know exactly what to look for, and what they can do to fix it. You'll also definitely want a professional if you are looking into getting a roof replacement. They'll have the proper tools and techniques to measure your roof, and give a good estimate.

Ready to Call Us Out for an Inspection?

If you feel like you need to get your roof inspected after reading this, no worries! Here at On Tops Roofing, we offer free inspections for homeowners, and commercial property owners in the Raleigh, NC area.

To reach out to us, click the “Contact Us” button below, and fill out the form on that page. We’ve been inspecting, repairing, and replacing roofs for over 30 years, so whatever your project requires, we’ll be ready for it!

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